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Visas to America

Trustworthy and respectable visa service in Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Tourist Visas to visit family or friends
  • Business Visas for future employees and prospective investors
  • Investment Visas for investors
  • Student Visas with SEVIS schools certified

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US Green Card

Attorney representation for green card visa applicants in Thailand and Vietnam.

  • CR1 and IR Petitions
  • K1 Visas fiance/fiancee and minors
  • Visas for spouses of Permanent Residents
  • Visas for children of Permanent Residents

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About Us

U.S. licensed attorneys with over 10 years of legal experience.

  • Law offices in Thailand and Vietnam
  • Local staff for translation with applicants
  • Attorneys available online; via email, Skype, and phone
  • Full legal support from the day we meet you

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K1 Visa Attorney in Bangkok
US Consulate Services in Bangkok
It’s refreshing to meet someone who is caring and honest. She doesn’t build up your hopes, drain your bank account and then tell you it just can’t happen. Cathy is honest from the get go. She won’t make you promises she can’t keep.

– Melody S Hagerty, Vancouver, WA


US Legal Services

Trustworthy and professional legal services provided in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Family estate planning – Prenupts and Premarital Contracts
  • Issues with Last Will and Testament
  • US taxation issues for US expats in Thailand
  •  Dual citizenship for Americans

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Thailand Legal Services

Professional Thai legal services for US immigration purposes.

  • Translation of business and personal documents
  • Affirmation from Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Company formation in Thailand
  • Work permit for foreigners

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Vietnam Legal Services

On the ground US attorneys to assist clients in all aspects of living and working in Vietnam

  • US immigration visa filings for K1 or Immediate Relatives
  • Civil litigation, contract disputes, labor law
  • Setting up a business in Vietnam and work permit requirements

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Couple on the beach
K1 Visa Attorney in Bangkok
US Consulate Services in Bangkok
Cathy Reck is an American lawyer and really knows the law. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable , she was responsive to all our questions and very professional. And her fee was reasonable even compared to less qualified local visa consulting companies. I don’t hesitate to give Ms. Reck my highest recommendation, “Priceless”.

– Eric, Bangkok, Thailand